Re: multi treeview share one scrollbar

Liu Neo-W4135C <W4135C motorola com> wrote:

so, is it possible to share one scrollbar for several treeviews? is
there anyone who has done this? 

I haven't done it and I'm not sure you would do users a favour by this
layout but it should be possible. The usual structure by which a
GtkTreeView is inserted into a container (window) is:

+ GtkScrolledWindow
+---- GtkTreeView

If you insert it the following way there should be only one scrollbar
for several treeviews:

+ GtkScrolledWindow
+---+ GtkViewport
|   +---+ GtkVBox (or GtkHBox or GtkTable)
|       +---+ GtkTreeView
|           + GtkTreeview
...         ...

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