Re: GtkPaned problems!

On Wednesday 14 January 2004 21:46, Mikael Brorsson wrote:

I have a huge problem with the GtkPane widget... I have connected the
handle_move signal from the widget in the right way.

g_signal_connect ((gpointer) vpaned1, "move_handle",
                    G_CALLBACK (on_vpaned1_move_handle),

But the on_vpaned1_move_handle is never called. I can pull in the handle
for weeks... no reaction.

IIRC, "move-handle" is a keyboard binding thing, and not a signal emitted when 
the handle is moved.

Try something like this:

static void
onHandlePositionChanged (GObject *pane, GParamSpec *pspec, gpointer data)
        g_print("handle position changed to: %u\n",

set_up_stuff (void)
     g_signal_connect(paned, "notify::position"

The "notify" signal will be emitted whenever an object's property changes. As 
the handle position is a GtkPane property, we can use that to be notified of 
handle position changes. The '::position' bit after the signal means that you 
only want to be notified when the 'position' property changes.


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