Re: can i have full alpha channel at client side?

Paul Pogonyshev wrote:

P.S. i'm subscribed to the list, you can just reply to the list, so i don't
     get two copies.
gtk-app-devel-list mailing list
gtk-app-devel-list gnome org

Unfortunatly the way the list is setup, if you click on Reply it addresses the person directly. If you click Reply All then it again addresses the person directly and CCs the list. Its very counter-intuative for a mailing list to work this way, but it seems that the GTK list are all like this and they like things this way. I pointed this out before, because there are lots of down sides to this, one of which is that alot of people simply click on Reply and their wisdom is forever lost to the list, because the email is sent directly to the person who composed the original email. This results in lots of questions being asked over and over again because the answer doesnt exist in the archives...only the questions.

Does anyone know why this is the default behavior? Generally when I reply to something in on a mailing list, I want the entire list to see it. Since the person that sent the email is generally subscribed to the list their is no reason to send it to both that person and the list. So I have to click on Reply All and then remove the personal address, and copy the mailing list address from CC to TO. Thats alot of work, just to make sure that someone doesnt get duplicate email. I guess this is why questions alway get 2 replies, because it just easier to click on Reply All and let the person who is being replied to (often not the person who needs to see it) deal with the extra email.


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