Re: Canvas basics

On Thu, 2004-12-23 at 00:17 +0000, Roger Leigh wrote:

<snip lots of canvas stuff>

        Roger, have you looked at the GtkSheet object in the GtkExtra project?

        I haven't used the sheet widget very much, but I'm using the canvas and
plot widgets extensively.  From what I've seen, I believe the sheet
widget, when placed on a canvas widget, may do everything you're looking
for.  It might at least be something to look at as a possibility.

        One downside: there is no documentation as part of the package itself,
other than the code (which is actually quite readable).  However, there
is very good documentation from some folks that have integrated the
GtkExtra package in to a set of Ada classes: .  90% of the time I figure
out what I need to use GtkExtra from C code in this Ada doc, the other
10% of the time I take a quick check of the GtkExtra code itself.

        If you using GTK 2.0+, be sure to get "gtkextra-2", not "gtkextra".

        Hope that helps...


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