Re: how can i maximize a window ?

Hi Antonio, 

I think that you could try to use this function gtk_window_fullscreen
(). It's a tip only.

Good work.


On Thu, 2 Dec 2004 21:13:08 +0100 (CET), Yolan Chériaux
<cheryolan freesurf fr> wrote:

Hello Antonio

Maybe there is a better solution, but :

        gtk_window_set_decorated( GTK_WINDOW(window), FALSE ) ;
        then you can use the function gtk_window_resize (...) with
gdk_screen_width() and gdk_screen_height() ,

I think this should work ;)


Hello all,

I wanna know if there is a way that let my gtk program to maximize a
window ? I wanna fill all the available space on the monitor ... (like
when a press F11 (full screen) no the mozilla browser)

thanks in advance ...
Antônio Gomes (8o periodo)
Ciência da Computação - Universidade Federal do Amazonas
Bolsista - G_VoIP
Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia - INdT
Laboratório de Linux Embarcado ... "10LE" Team

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