Drawing ZPixmap images with gtk


I had received an application which uses the ZPixmap format for creating and
displaying an image (using XCreateImage and XPutImage.)

The applicatiopn works OK and displays images correctly.

However, I should port it to gtk and I admit I am quite a newbie
in Xlib matters.

I had saved this image to a file.
(I have a variable XImage* image;
and I wrote it's image->data field to a file).
I know of course the width and height of the image.

what is the preferred way to write a gtk application
which will show such a file ?
I had made a little try with gdk rgb (using gdk_rgb_init())
and then when I tried to show the image (using gdk_draw_rgb_image ()
and setting the 8th parameter, guchar *rgb_buf ,to the raw buffer I have,image->data ) the image I did not get a correct result.


Is there an open source viewer for such a file ?
It doesn't seems to me a regular RGB file.


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