Re: gtk-based sip client "locking up"

On 2004-04-26, Paul Pogonyshev <pogonyshev gmx net> wrote:
Frank W. Miller wrote:
I'm writing a SIP client for Linux.  It has a command line interface 
currently but I've recently begun writing a GNOME GUI front-end.  I 
started with Glade and had reasonable success, i.e. I got it to where is 
was making outbound calls with decent UI interactions.  I then noticed a 
problem.  About half the time, when I started to make a call, i.e. when 
I was sending the first few messages of the SIP dialog, the GUI would 
"lock up" on me.  What this means is that I have a couple of notebook 
tabs and some entry fields on each tab.  There are also a couple of 
buttons.  Its pretty simple.  By lock up, I mean that at some point the 
GUI just stops updating the various widgets.  If I hit the tabs, it 
seems like its trying to switch between them but I just get white 
rectangles and no labels.  The program does not seem to recover from this.

It's most likely that your sip calling function never return for some
reason. As a result, that call kinda 'hijacked' the whole program.

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