Re: Help With Adding A New Tab to 'notebook1'

Quoted by a lot of stoned monkeys
For `Jason Dempsey <jasondempsey insightbb com>' 
On Friday, 26 September 2003 (15:39):

Ok i've tryed many things. But i keep getting parse errors when i try
something like:

on_button1_clicked                     (GtkButton       *button,
                                        gpointer         user_data)
gtk_notebook_insert_page (GtkNotebook *notebook,
                                        GtkNotebook *child,
                                        GtkNotebook *tab_label,
                                                ginit 1);

and i just can't seem 2 get it to work. Can anyone help me with this?

        I guess you need some literature on C programming. :)


 Leandro Pereira              (oO)           <leandro linuxmag com br>

        Pontualidade e a coincidencia de duas pessoas chegarem com o 
        mesmo atraso.
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