Re: Is it possible to globally change the text input method?

On Tue, 2003-09-09 at 17:51, Al Amaral wrote:
We have a custom X server which replaces XFree86 and currently doesn't
have the XKeyboard extension (and we can't implement it at this time).
To get text widgets to work properly we have to change the input method
from default to X11, else the capslock and numlock keys don't work
(which sounds like a bug in the gdk libraries).  In any case, we'd
like to be able to globally change the input method to X11.  Is there
a way to do this?

Not really sure what you mean "change the input method to X11" . 

But in any case, the problems with no XKB are thought to be
fixed in GTK+-2.2.3.


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