How to handle Ctrl+C/V/X accelerators?


How exactly is one supposed to be handling Ctrl+X/C/V accelerators
(Cut/Copy/Paste) correctly?  The problem is that when those accelerators
are in the application menus, the menu callbacks seem to have precedence
over everything else; the menu callback is always fired, overriding the
normal GtkEntry keybindings altogether.

Are we supposed to check which widget has focus when the menu callback
is called, and manually call gtk_editable_cut_clipboard() etc. functions
if the focus is in a GtkEditable?

What about Ctrl+W (standard keybinding for Close, but also delete-word
in GtkEntry and friends in Emacs keybindings)?  Are we supposed to be
checking which widget is focused as well as what keybinding-theme the
user is using?

In our case the menu accelerators are set up by bonoboui, but I've come
to believe it essentially boils down to how Gtk is handling the

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