GtkTreeView selection- troubles in managing "changed" signal


Maybe you have already discussed this topic ... but I
lost myself in mails list .. so I ask for a help
"another time".

My problem is:

I have a GtkTreeView, created on a ListStore model,
and I have connected "changed" signal for selection to
a handler (the selection is a GTK_SELECTION_SINGLE

I can't understand why for the real FIRST time I
select an item different from the first one (row 0 of
the list) the row 0 is selected automatically, and
this event creates a lot of problems to me and to my
application. I would like to connect other signals,
but there aren't any that fit to me (or this is what
seems to me), or the others are deprecated (because
GtkTree and GtkList are deprecated widgets now).

Can you give me some advice and help????


PS I have already tried to introduce a counter of
selection times (updated only when selected rows
number is not 0) but it doesn't work when I really
select row 0 as the first selected row of the list).

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