Re: GTK-Function with pathnamestring???

                        Hello, Christian !

[ This is not GTK ]

argv[0] is always a pointer to a executable. If it's relative, use getcwd(),
to append to get full pathname.

On Tue, Oct 07, 2003 at 10:15:30PM +0200, Christian Schneider wrote:

is there a function with GTk which returns a string
(or a pointer) with the pathname where the executable
file is placed?
For example my compiled executable is called test.exe.
If the test.exe is placed at the position
c:\programs\test.exe (under Windows) I want to get the
string (pointer) "c:\programs\".
If I copy this test.exe to c:\kopiert\test.exe I want
to get the string "c:\kopiert\".
My programm should be able to be compiled with linux
and windows. Therefore I ask for a GTK-function.
If there is not a GTK-function do you know a function
for windows and for linux?


Christian Schneider


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