Re: GTK1.2,GNET,GlibC

On Sun, 2003-11-30 at 19:51, Mee Com wrote:
     I'm using GTK1.2 with KDE,I just start to create application(I want to 
create GUI(Graphical User Interface) to create ad-hoc network in two 
computers or more via bluetooth.The point that I want to ask is,what is the 
thing that I should use?GNET or GlibC?what is the library or software that  
more suitable and more properly to the thing that I just mentioned 
above?(because I'm really a new developer and want the tool that have more 
about coding examples and more documents)
you might want to look at libgnetwork
(, which is a
GObject-based library for networking. Since it uses GObject, it
integrates perfectly with your GTK app.

The only problem is that it needs Glib 2.0 (used by GTK 2.0), so you
might have to upgrade to GTK 2.0.


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