Hide/Show behavior

Hi folks,

My application creates and destroys GtkFixed containers and the
containing objects, which could be GtkEntrys, GtkProgressBar, GtkButton,
and a couple other widgets.  Now, what I'm seeing is that calling
hide_all() on one GtkFixed and then calling show_all() on another
GtkFixed results in this progressive hide where, for example, GtkEntrys
on top of GtkImage diappear first leaving a big hole the color of the
GtkFixed background.  

The show commands do the same sort of thing, drawing the GtkEntrys, then
the images and other widget, and then draw the text in the boxes.

My graphics hardware is unaccelerated and slow -- so that's probably why
I'm seeing this problem, but my customers are still complaining because
it looks bad.  

How can I work around my slow hardware and get the thing to just hide
and show without any "progressive" drawing.


Alex Pavloff - apavloff esatechnology com
ESA Technology ---- www.esatechnology.com
------- Linux-based industrial HMI ------
-------- www.esatechnology.com/5k -------

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