Re: Is this design feasible in GTK?


I guess this is possible. 

You may want to go through "gtk+/tests/testgtk.c" code. There are two
functions create_text() and text_insert_random() functions. These two
functions create a window with a 'textview' and a button. When user
clicks on the button, some random text is inserted into the testview.

I have not tried, but in your case also, you can have a textview and
dump the process output into the textview, when the button is clicked.


chenjun1 egr msu edu wrote:

Dear all,

I'm wondering whether the below design is feasible in GTK.

One windows contains a button and a text entry( or any other widget
display text).
The user clicks a button, then a function is called. During that function
is executed, it will dump out process informations to the Text Entries ? I
mean the text entry keeps updating when the function is running.

If yes, will you please give me a small example? I'm a green hand to GTK
and  need to finish this in 1 week.

thanks a lot & appreciate your help,


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