Re: variables from widgets

Declare 2 global varaibles as one is boolean for the
radio check and another as gchar* ,then store the
values. Wherever you need, you can take then.

--- Miguel Pignatelli <pignatelli noraybio com> wrote:

I am trying to write a program in C using Gtk+1.2
and I have some questions.
My program needs 2 parameters to run, one from a
radiocheck widget (the user must select between the
choices provided by the radiocheck) and the other is
the name of a file selected with a file selection
widget. ;)

I have already both widgets in two different
functions invoked by the main program but I don't
know how to pass the option and file selected to the
main program to continue.

Please, could I have some sample code or explanation
on how to do that?

Thanx in advance



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