Re: A very foolish question, pls don't laugh at me.

Hi, first of all I recommend you to develop the entire program on Linux
or any other Unix (they are real development environment ^_^) and then
compile it under wimblous.

To set up a GTK+-2.0 development environment on wincrosoft you can
download this exes or goto and
follow their instruction to use it with visual studio.
        MinGW-2.0.0-3.exe //GCC compiler, etc...
        MSYS-1.0.8-rc-3.exe //SH-compatible shell, make, etc...
        gtk2-runtime-2.2.1-050327-ash.exe //GTK2 dlls, themes, etc...
GTK+-Development-Enviroment- //headers, libs, etc...

Add bin and lib directories to PATH and if you want to use MSYS
rename bin/pkg-config to real-pkg-config and copy the pkg-config script
I am sending you in the bin directory to make MSYS understand pkg-config

* pkg-config is a utility to output the libs and flags you should
include to compile a GTK program :)

and thats all...


Juan Pablo

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