Window Decorations

Hello.  Pardon for the quick succession of questions/problems.  I haven't even got an answer to my first
one and I already have another.   I hope no one minds.

Simply put, I want to do something like xmms and other programs have done with their title bar.
I do not want the WM to uses it default settings.  I would like control over the borders (to erase them)
and to be able to select my own configuration of buttons (ie maximize is not needed by my application)
even use my own images so the titlebar integrates into my program.  Again, something like XMMS is 
what I am looking for.  I trudged through as much xmms source code (not to mention a lot of google) as 
I could looking for the details but was unable to find anything.  Could someone please inform me how 
to go about customizing the titlebar, or if so required setting the window decorations off and making 
a pusedo titlebar.

Thanks all.
David Swiston

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