Re: multiple process calls from GTK

First of all  you take one UNIX Task

   than you call a fork system call to split this tasks into 2
           (you also can take the system command to start a second task
            but so not forget to add the & at the end of the command
            else the calling task will wait until the system command has
    For the fork system call there is an example in the unix manual.
    You get a son and a child process independent running. With a
standard UNIX book
    you should understand a try a small example Hallo World1 and Hallo
Word2 in 1 day.

    For data exchange there a different ways. I would not prefer stdin,
     One is to use a  ip socket technic to communicate over ports , but
     have to install the port description on the system.
     I suggest to lock at the shared memory technic and send a signal to
the other
     process every time new Date are available. May be it takes a one
ore two weeks
     about shared memmory but it works.

Good Luck

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