Re: OFF TOPIC: 24-bit-per-pixel limit to Gdk RGB ?

On Wed, 19 Feb 2003, Peter Finderup Lund wrote:

On Wed, 19 Feb 2003, Joni Kahara wrote:

I think that is incorrect. The eye is much more sensitive to
frequency (colour), than to intensity. An average (human) test
subject can distinguish between about two dozen different gray
levels (Gonzalez & Woods/2e).

We are good at detecting edges between slightly different intensitites,
even of the same colour.  We are extremely bad at detecting the
differences if there is some other colour or intensity in between.
Built-in edge detectors at work.

Also note that I wrote /spatial/.

I'm afraid I can't come up with a good reference at a moment's notice --
some of books have been lent out to others, otherwise I would have dug it
out and either apologized profusely or whacked you on your head with it ;)

Perhaps those who are interested can look at  that. There is LOTS of links 
and I find it interesting :

another one :


Vincent TORRI

Likewise, the ear is more sensitive to the pitch of a voice,
than to its amplitude.

Different sensoric system, can't really be compared.  At least not like


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