Re: about writing a simple network app

On Sat, 2003-12-13 at 17:48 +0800, lindberg wrote: 
I'm going to write a simple network app using gtk+2.0,and it is
something like a chess played by 2 via local network.
I wonder whether I need some other library like GNet ,or gtk itself is
Looking forward to your opinions.
I'd recommend libgnetwork, currently in GNOME CVS. It supports basic
TCP/IP & UDP sockets. It does not currently work on windows, so if that
is a design goal of your app, it won't work yet.

I will say that there's nothing (to my knowledge) *preventing*
libgnetwork from working on Windows, it just doesn't right now.

    Jim Cape

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     has conquered the world by defeating itself."
        -- Alexander Berkman, ABC of Anarchism

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