need advice: "gtk_tree_view slow"


I started two days ago to write my first application using GTK,
but I am pretty experienced with C.

I have read about the problems with gtk_tree_view being
too slow:

Even worse. It takes about 6 seconds for 1000 rows.
Under M$ Windows it takes longer (23 sec).

My application (windows) uses a single-column tree which can grow 
easily to more than 1000 entries. Something like "23 secs" would be 
totally unacceptable. 

- Is this a general problem when using gtk_tree_view, or was the
  case mentioned some "special" case?

- should I better use gtkctree, to avoid this problem, even though

THX for advice,

Bert M. Schuldes

1 Narra St.
Tuguegarao, Cagayan Valley
3500 Philippines

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