Re: window move handle widget

Andreas Volz wrote:

Thanks for your answer. I looked at GtkHandleBox and I think this is not
what I thought :-(

But the other idea is not bad. I found this function in the gtk
reference manual:  

gtk_window_begin_move_drag      (GtkWindow *window,
                                             gint button,
                                             gint root_x,
                                             gint root_y,
                                             guint32 timestamp);

It works well for static values of root_x and root_y, but how could I
get the current root_x, root_y mouse position inside my application?

I had overlooked that one. Looks like the right one for you. Since GTK 2.2
the root mouse pointer position can be obtained by gdk_display_get_pointer
(). Don't know how to obtain it in earlier versions unfortunately.

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