Re: Locating child-widgets (by name) without Glade-code

On Tue, 2003-08-19 at 04:08, Michal Tomcanyi wrote:

 I don't know for what reason do you want to locate your widgets, but in my
 case I used gtk_container_get_focus_chain() and 
 You can pre-define order of your widgets and "save" the order to the
 container using set() function. When needed, the list can be obtained by
 get() function. As you have pre-defined the order, you can be sure about
 it and search it safely... (I am not sure how it works with

 It is neither fast nor clean, but it can help if you don't want to use a
 lot of global variables.

Please don't do this! :-)  

If you feel a need to use gtk_widget_get_name() to locate widgets, just
recursively hunt using gtk_container_foreach(). Or use a hash table.

Using the focus chain for this is not a sensible thing. The focus chain
is for setting the order in which widgets are focused.


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