Re: Fixed: GSignal connect with struct *pointer

On Sunday August 10 2003 23:13 CEST, Owen Taylor wrote:
On Sun, 2003-08-10 at 16:12, Matthias Mann wrote:
#define g_signal_connect(instance, detailed-signal,
                    c-handler, NULL);

_NO_ user data. To send user data to a callback function
the only way is to use g_signal_connect_swapped(). That's
it! Or did i oversee any thing?

Just about everything. I'm not sure what you are trying, but
not the right thing...
Yes Owen, that's right! I'm new in developing with Gtk+. Sorry
for my wrong ideas i'd posted. That's my way to find the truth.
Your posting in this list is 6 days ago and today this part of
my source code is gone to do best results :-)
My mistake was to have not anough knowlede about Gtk-callbacks.
The relevant Gtk-callback "row-expanded" from GtkTreeView:
My first meaning was that the 'user data' treeView will become
first option for the callback function. Like:
void ct_tree_next_level(CtTreeView *treeView) {
        (?something?); return; }
But after some days i found in Gtk+ API a detailed discription
about the Gtk-callbacks. And relevanted callback (row-expanded)
looks like this:
void ct_tree_next_level(GtkTreeView *tree,
                        GtkTreeIter *expandedIter,
                        GtkTreePath *unused,
                        CtTreeView *treeView)
Can you see my bloody beginning?
regards, mathew
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