GnomeApp doesn't resize properly...

Hopefully another simple problem.  I've got a widget hierarchy that
looks like this (created under Glade-2):

I'm trying to resize the drawing area window, and I want the GnomeApp
window to resize itself accoringly.  When the drawing area gets larger
everything grows properly, but if I make it smaller the GnomeApp stays
the same size and doesn't shrink...

I'm calling gtk_drawing_area_size() (which I know is deprecated, but
works better than any other of the functions I've called)...

I've tried calling gtk_widget_size_request() and several other functions
that looked promising, but none of them do much of anything...

Any ideas?

Also, gdk doesn't open more than one connection to the X server, does it?
I'm trying to do the select on multiple file descriptors outside of gtk/gdk
and I'm doing my own dispatching via:


when there is any data waiting to be read on the socket.  I'm also calling
gdk_flush() before I do the select, so that anything pending in the Xlib
output buffers is sent.  However, it seems like events are being read out
of the X socket and buffered locally, I guess in the gdk-x11 code, and they
don't get processed until other events come in.  When I start up the app
the GUI elements, menus, etc, don't get painted, but simply moving the cursor
into the window will cause the GUI to be fully painted.  I would have thought
that if anything was waiting to be processed, like repaint events, then
gtk_events_pending() would return 1, but there seems to be things that aren't
processed in the above loop.

If for some reason gdk was opening more than one dpy then that would explain
why things are broken...


Alan Amaral                                 al amaral east sun com
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