Re: BUG in gtk_widget_modify_fg when used with GtkEntry +win32

On Fri, 2003-08-08 at 17:12, HOCHSTETLER, BRUCE W. (JSC-DV3/T) (TSI)
I posted a similar message last month and got no response. I'll try again.
I've attached a simple program that creates a GtkEntry widget. On a button
press, I create a GdkColor (red) and call gtk_widget_modify_fg(entry,
GTK_STATE_NORMAL, &gcolor). No change occurs. If I change the call to
gtk_widget_modify_bg(...), I get a red edge around the entry widget. I've
also tried modifying the base_gc of the widget. This will get the background
color to change, but I'm still not able to change the foreground color of a
entry widget.

Is this a bug or not? 

If its not a bug, please explain why.


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