Re: struct + GtkTreeIter

Jacob Perkins <jap1 users sourceforge net> writes:

I'd like to somehow tie a struct and a GtkTreeIter together.  The struct
is a key with certain attributes that are displayed in a GtkTreeView
across a row (GtkTreeIter). What I have been doing is getting one of the
attributes of the selected row/iter and then searching through a key
list to get the key with that attribute.  Basically I'd like to be able
to get this key more easily.  Is there some way I can make that iter
contain my key or vice versa and have easy access to one given the

Can't you just put that key in the model?  There's no rule that says
that every column in the model has to be used by the view.  Or am I
misunderstanding what you want here?


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