Re: Widget repository...

        I've already had a project on and I know that that part
is the easy part. Maintaining something like that _could_ become a full
job (I already have one of those). another point is that people who wish
to donate thier code will not nescisarily want to integrate them into
a shared library; this also complicates the job of the maintainer[s].

        I've been thinking of a plan where objects (not nescisarily widgets
but derivitives of the GObject) could be dumped into a directory in the
archive and only have to compile as an object file.

/*************************** START BRAIN DUMP

for example:


it would be the responsability of the submitting programmer
to add a ".c" and a ".h" and a dependancy in the makefile and
that it generates a ".o" without errors.

        After that the maintainer[s] would create build procedures
to create shared libraries or a makefile that you can add/remove 
features (kindof like "make config" in the linux tree); maybe
some code reviews etc... (I have to notice that ALL the code
in the gtk and associated libraries are easy to read and follow
pretty much the BSD standard).

        I'm pretty sure that a source tree like that could
pretty much maintain itself but there still has to be
maintanance ie. cvs write access has to be given to the 
contributing third party ... else integration has to be done
by the maintainer[s] ... else its a free-for-all cvs write access
which could end up as a war zone

/*************************** END BRAIN DUMP

        To get to the 2nd part of this topic ... personaly I have a few
widgets... mouse driven keyboard that can be created using a glade
with a bunch of cute features (concept created for a TouchScreen
thinking about a cute animated label that scrolls text left -> right
and I have some coleagues that have a bunch of widgets too. I could
come up with 5 to 10 usefull 3rd party widgets tomorow (all glade

I'm quite sure It would be a success but I'm definitly with Tom on topic

If you're reading this and your interested ... please reply so we can
how much "stuff" we could possibly put together.

Cheers all,

Thomas Cameron wrote:

Hello all,

    So as to change the subject of the thread, I would like to start a
new one that, hopefully, will not be ignored due to it's subject
line.  :-)  The topic of a central location for "third party" GTK+
widgets came up, and I though it was an excellent idea.  After all,
one of the problems with the internet is that there is no centrallized
location for anything any more.  Anyway, does anybody know of such a
site, or a place (maybe where one could be set up.

    This also brings up another topic for discussion.  How many people
have actually written their own widgets?  The reason this would be
important is because there would have to be enough of them to make a
site worthwhile.  Anyway, thanks!

Thanks in advance,
Tom Cameron

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