Right aligning GtkEntry? (and more)

Good day, I have run into several dead ends in my attempt at using Gtk+

The main thing that I really want to do is to right justify a GtkEntry
widget, I can not find any way to do this, it should be very easy.

I would also like to be able to turn off the sunken border around my
GtkStatusbar, and I can find nothing indicating how to access this
either. I will eventually want to add more lables to the status bar, I
saw somewhere that the status bar inherits from an HBox, so do I just
pack label widgets onto the end?

Also, I want to change the font in my GtkEntry and GtkTreeView to be a
mono spaced font (since I am dealing with numbers and I want them to
line up). Currently I am simply setting the font family to courier, but
I would rather it used some sort of "system default" mono spaced font,
is there such a thing, and how do I access it?  How do I allow the user
to configure a font in the rc file, then make sure that it is indeed
monospaced before letting it be used?  How do I determine if such a
setting has taken place and choose weather to set the font myself or

Thanks for any help.
There wouldn't happen to be any way to cause a GtkTreeView to be filled
from the bottom would there?

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