Re: GTK Socket and Plug question

Mike Dailey <daileyml yahoo com> writes:

I will be using the GTK SOCKET and PLUG functions to
create "plugins" that will appear within the main
application window of my primary application.

Here's my question... does the use of the socket/plug
method allow the "plugin" applications to access and
manipulate child widgets of the socket (main) window,
or does it only appear in that window and run as an
autonomous application afterwards?

What I am trying to do is allow the "plugin" GTK apps
to be able to do things such as updating the main
window status bar, add items to the main window menu
bar, etc.

Anyone care to share how they've accomplished this? 
Any links to example code would be greatly

The plug/socket functionality only handles embedding,
nothing higher level. If you need something more complex, 
you'll either need to roll your own solution, or use


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