Re: GTK+-2.0.7 released

Maxim Koshelev <max krascoal ru> writes:

Owen Taylor wrote:

I spent 30 minutes looking into 2) and _responded_ on this mailing
list reporting the results of my investigation
and didn't get even get a mail reply from you!

I did not answer becouse you've point out that this is bug of testgtk
and it commited
to be fixed in plans. But as we can see 2.0.7 contain old version of :-(
and no warnings displayed :-( 

As a what was fixed was a) a minor bug in a test program
b) a warning improvement, I didn't consider these changes
suitable for inclusion in the stable branch of GTK+, and
put them on the development branch only. You'd find them in
GTK+-2.1.2 if you looked there.

Of course I can create my menus manualy via
gtk_image_menu_item_new() but as you can undestand it is not a solve
of the problem :-)

It was a bug in testgtk.c... It doesn't affect your program.
GtkItemFactory works perfectly fine in 2.0.7. 

first bug (marked as 1) ) was reported by many users of my
programm. Of course is not critical
as I've pointed before. But it makes our programs ugly :-(

So, give me a test case. Or at least the very least useful 
reproduction instructions. I'm sorry your program is ugly, but 
I'm no closer to having any real idea of what your bug
is than I was before.


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