Re: Text Widget and Entry Widget questions

The second question:  I wnat to put a text widget (I'm still writing in
1.2.x, will port to 2.0 when app matures more) directly above it as a kind
of command history widget.  I will then let the use to scroll thru previous
commands to repeat commands via a selection mechanisim.

The tricky part is that the text widget ( or the 2.0 equivilant ) can only
be tall enough for 2 or 3 lines of text and vertical scroll bar no matter
what the size of the main window.  Is this possible ?  How would I do it ?

A possible solution would be to use a combo box with a very 
large width: you can enter directly a command on it, in the 
entry widget, but you can also see and choose any of the options 
in the list section, where your code would list the past history commands,

the whole thing would take just one-two very long lines, the history
commands would show up in the popup menu, the only problem I see
is: if you want to acces many past commands, say, the past 500 
commands, how to show them in the list? you would need to have
some sort of vertical scrooled bars around the list to see the 
whole range...  is this possible in the combobox popup menu?

if the answer is no, you can create something similar, for example
popping up a small scrolled window listing the old commands,
and then transport the selected command to the command entry,
the point here is of course to minimize the number of mouse
actions users must do to select an old command...


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