Re: gtk2 textview widget popup

Olivier Sessink <olivier lx student wau nl> writes:

On  0, Havoc Pennington <hp redhat com> wrote:

Olivier Sessink <olivier lx student wau nl> writes: 
1- the new textview widget has it's own popup build-in, but this is very
slow (2 seconds on my PIII 450), what's going on??

It's probably the code that tries to decide if Paste should be
sensitive. Look at gtktextview.c.

thanks, but how can I avoid this long delay? I'm planning to use the
right-click popup for a lot of things, but it would be very annoying if
the delay would be there all the time.

Indeed after I select some text and use 'copy' the delay is gone...

What this long delay probably means is that there is some
buggy program on your system that is advertising that it
has something for copying, but when GTK+ says "OK, what 
formats can you provide the clipboard contents in", it
doesn't respond and GTK+ ends up timing out after a couple
of seconds.


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