Re: GtkTextView sizing

Gary Benson <gary inauspicious org> writes:   
When you start the program, and don't touch anything, item 4 should be 
wider, since it can be. I'd like for items 2 and 3 to have stretched out 
the window so they weren't wrapped. Also, if you click in item one and 
start typing, it scrolls itself so that parts of itself are hidden.

Without getting into the big picture, the reason you get scrolling is
that the text view's vertical size request exceeds its allocation.
Which means you need to be sure it gets the whole vertical size

Can anyone suggest how I might fix this, or do I need to rethink what I 
want it to do?

To make this app nice I really think you need a custom widget for the
outline, rather than a lot of oddly juxtaposed prebuilt widgets. But
of course it'll be a lot more challenging and time-consuming to
implement that way. Just an editorial comment...


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