moving widgets by dragging

Hi all,
I'm writing an app that has a number of widgets laid
out in user defined positions. The user must be able
to drag these about (with the widget staying under the
mouse pointer during the drag). This is giving me some
trouble, and I've ended up getting a little confused!
I've tried doing it using drag_source_set (I'm using
gtkmm). This gets a drag going, but as you can guess,
shows the mouse pointer as the usual drag cursor. I'm
not convinced it is the right way of achieving what
I'm trying to do...
I've had a look for other apps that implement the
functionality I'm looking for, and found Beast/BSE.
The routing stuff is exactly what I am after, but I
can't work out how it's being done!
Any help would be very much appreciated. (And
allthough I mentioned that the project is being done
with gtkmm, I'm quite happy translating gtk stuff over
to gtkmm).
Thanks, Ian

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