Re: stale GObjects

Mark Stratman <mark sporkstorms org> writes:

I've recently made some changes to a program and now whenever the
program exits, it spews out a bunch of messages like this:

GLib-GObject-Message: stale GObjects: 76
GLib-GObject-Message: [0x8075c48] stale GdkPixbuf   ref_count=1
GLib-GObject-Message: [0x80f4cb0] stale PangoXftFont    ref_count=1
GLib-GObject-Message: [0x80fc508] stale GdkKeymap   ref_count=1

Can anyone point me in the right direction to figure out why this is
happening?  I'm guessing that I inadvertantly messed up something else
in the process of changing the program.  But if not, for what it's
worth, the changes made involved switching from gnome-config to GConf.

ORBit turns on this debug spew from GLib. Presumably the intent is to
turn it off in production versions of ORBit.


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