Re: Gtk Pixmap and png

Arno wrote:
RevX gmx at wrote:


I have found an other function : gtk_image_new_from_file. And with this function, it's good. I don't know why but it's good.

pixmap = gtk_image_new_from_file("../Back-prelight.png");
gtk_toolbar_insert_item (GTK_TOOLBAR (toolbar),
             "bla bla",

You have found the "right" answer for translucency -- GtkImage. Pixmaps don't inherently handle translucency, so the best you can do is a solid pixmap with a mask, as you discovered in your experiments. Images in GTK2 handle alpha. The only issues to watch out for are on "older" networked/non-desktop displays where Images might be significantly slower than pixmaps.


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