Tree and scrollwindow

I get this error when i try to use a GtkTree in a GtkScrollWindow:
"Gtk-WARNING **: gtk_scrolled_window_add(): cannot add non scrollable
widget use gtk_scrolled_window_add_with_viewport() instead"

Why do i get that?
I use glade to build the UI and libglade to load it so 
something is strange here.
It should be possible to put a GtkTree in a GtkScrollWindow
since i can do it in glade.
This only happen if i set the "H Policy" and/or "V Policy" to always.
(If i do not.. well, then the GtkTree wont get
scrollbars and that is not what i want :)

Hope you understand what i mean im not that good at explaining my self
in english (or any other language.. :)

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