Re: Multicolor text widget

Deekshit Mantampady <deekshit mantampady Wipro com> writes:

     I am in need of a gadget which is basically a text widget. But is
should have the capacity to display text in various colours. That is I
should be able to display ANY WORD in the text in ANY COLOUR. One word
in the text may have one colour and another may have another colour. If
anybody knows about such a gadget, can please reply.  Or is there any
gadget which takes HTML .

GtkTextView does this if you're using GTK 1.3.x (GTK 2).  There's also
a GtkHTML2 widget in GNOME 2 for use in the Yelp help browser, however
it's not part of the "official GNOME 2 platform" FWIW.


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