Re: row major treeview

Jonathan Koren <siucs-09 cs siu edu> writes:

As seen in the example code, TreeStore supports:

item0 string  bool    int     float   string
item0.0       string  bool    int     float   string
item1 string  bool    int     flaot   string  
item1.0       string  bool    int     float   string
item1.1       string  bool    int     float   string

I want:

item0 string
item0.0       bool
item0.1       int
item0.2       enum
item1 float
item1.0       bool
item0.1       bool

You'll need a separate CellRenderer to do this.  You may want to look at
gconf-editor to see how it does it.

Does TreeView support G_TYPE_ENUM and if so does it render it as a dropdown
list and is it smart enough to populate the dropdown list with the
enum's NAMEs (as opposed to doing nothing or using the enum's NICKs)?  Also
can the dropdown be made editable so that G_TYPE_ENUM values can be
automagically added/deleted?

Not currently.  I'd love to see a combo-box renderer written for 2.2,


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