scaling a GdkImage


I thought I should bring this to the attention of the gtk+ team, invite comments, and take the opportunity to put a question or two.

I'm just finishing porting a Win32 program to linux using gtk+ 1.2. I'm proposing to release with the program a mini shared library which lumps together slight extensions to gdk and also gnome-print, just for use by the program.

The gdk stuff comprises a quick hack of code by Owen Taylor from the gdk-pixbuf library, providing a basic facility to scale a GdkImage. I don't know anything about scaling, but it seems to work adequately for my purposes.

The program displays charts drawn directly to the screen using gdk drawing functions. Under Win32, scaled-down versions of the charts are provided using the Window/Viewport scaling facility. They can be larger than the screen, so need to be scrollable. Under Linux, the chart is drawn to a pixmap, the pixels extracted to a GdkImage, this is scaled directly, and then drawn to the screen.

A couple of questions for the gtk+ team:

1  Why was this facility never provided in gdk 1.2 ?
2  Would it still be worth providing it in gdk 2 ?

I attach the code for anyone interested.

David J. Cooke

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