Re: Font in gtk2


Simple question, why fonts are so huge in gtk2 applications ?
is there a way to change this ?


After reading your message, 
I just ran the calendar example that
comes with both Gtk1.2 and Gtk2.0,
and then pressed the button font, 
to get running the fontselection dialog

in my case the default in Gtk1.2 is 14
and in Gtk2.0 is 12, so in my case the 
fonts look actually smaller in GtK2.0 
than in GTK1.2

it seems the default font size is changing a bit,
I would like also to know, what is the simple,
elegant way to fix the font used everywhere?
is this a wise thing to do? there's no way
things will look right if every user decides
to choose her/his own font size and style.


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