list archives search engine (was: Re: Window hierarchy over multiple processes)

On Fri, Sep 21, 2001 at 07:46:32PM +1000, Bernie Maier wrote:

P.S. I thought I had seen some posts on this sort of stuff in the
past, so I tried searching the archives but got no hits for any
keywords I tried.  So either I'm dim and can't use the search
facility properly, or searching the archives is broken because I
tried some obvious keywords for recent posts (e.g. "*combo*") and
still got no hits.

I experienced the same problem. I was surprised that my rather simple
keywords yielded no hits, so I tried simpler and simpler keywords, until I
got down to try *widget* and widget -> no hits !!!

Anybody knows who's to be notified of this ? The page doesn't say who's
the admin of this search facility.


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