show the content of a dialog window

Hi all,

I am a newbie in GTK. Perhaps my question is stupid.

I have made an application with Glade using GTK. The
GUI application loads a text application in a child
process. Both are communicating via pipes.
The standard input and output of the text application
are redirect in the pipes.

The text application needs interactivity. The goal of
the GUI application is to propose a user-friendly
application. Times to times I need show a window, 
who propose some commands. This window contains a label
with the commands, a text entry to type the command
and a button to apply the command.

When this window appears, it is blank. They are no
label, no button, and the text entry is not usable.
What's happened ? Who could help me ?

I will be vrey gratefull if someone could help me.

Sandrine Soudant, soudant cogenit fr
53, rue Sainte-Anne
75002 Paris

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