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On Wed, 17 Oct 2001 09:46:39 -0400, Freivald, Joseph AT., GOVMK said:

 Various window managers do not necessarily raise a window when it has focus,
 depending on the user settings.  I am writing a mulit-window app, and when
 the user closed a window, rather than destroying it, I hide them.  When I
 un-hide them, they appear underneath other windows.
 I would like to ensure that a window is raised to the top when it is shown,
 for example:

I don't think there is a gtk way of doing this but there is
a solution you can try. If the widget is a GTK_WINDOW, get the
GdkWindow associated with it and then get the GdkWindow's XID,
this means you then go to the gdkx level and use XMapRaised() on
that window (you'll also need the display pointer).

Look at /usr/include/gdk/gdkx.h for how to get the XID and Display
for a given GdkWindow.

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