XSendEvent: responding to

does gtk read X mouse/button events differently than other toolkits? 

i'm playing with XSendEvent to control the pointer from a c program.
but i'm running into a few problems.

as an example, i send the gimp canvas window the following events:
(this is a script for xse)

<EnterNotify> Normal DetailNone
<FocusIn> Normal DetailNone
<Btn1Down> 100 100
<Btn1Motion>Normal 150 150 
<MotionNotify>Normal 150 150
<Btn1Up> 150 150

(i have tried _many_ combinations based around this.)

gimp seems to respond to the focus and motion events (the tags on the
rulers move), but not the button up/down events (nothing is drawn).

the above script sent to xev works fine, all the events get reported.
i doing or understanding something incorrectly?


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