Re: VIM SYntax File

I'm not sure.

Whatever version comes with SuSe 7.1


<<On 2001.05.25 16:34:27 -0400 David Ford wrote:
Well, I think it is distinctly you.  We now have two messages from you 
being repeatedly posted to the list.  Perhaps you have a sendmail that 
is stuck trying to send and the remote end is actually accepting it and 
delivering it but failing to properly terminate with your sendmail. 
 What version of sendmail are you using?>>


Brooklyn Linux Solutions wrote:

root www2:/home/ruben > grep -r gnome /var/spool/mqueue/
root www2:/home/ruben > grep -r VIM /var/spool/mqueue/

It does not apear to be me.


<<On 2001.05.25 15:24:09 -0400 Eric M. Monsler wrote:
Is anybody else seeing this fsck'ing message over and over, with the
same timestamp?

I'd like to know if it's his email server that is bonkers, if it is a
list aberration, or if it is our server that keeps giving it to me.>>

Brooklyn Linux Solutions


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