Re: How does GnomeCanvas scrolling work..?

January Weiner 3 wrote:

I am writing a scientific application using gtk+[*], and I have started
wondering whether there are such guidelines after a flamewar I had with a
Mac freak ("and in Mac, *every* application uses apple-Q").

We're hoping to assemble a team over on usability gnome org to write
these guidelines, because as you say, up until now there haven't really
been any documented (other than the ones in cvs :
gnome-libs/devel-docs/ui-guide).  Joakim Ziegler was planning to post
around a call for volunteers to some of the other lists a couple of
weeks ago, I don't think he's got around to it yet though.

In the meantime, if you're interested in these sorts of issues, join the
usability mailing list, keep your eyes on the usability website
(, and join the #usability IRC
channel... until the styleguide gets written, you can probably at least
get some UI design advice from the folks who hang out there  :)


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