gtk_signal_connect() and passing parameters


I'm having trouble passing any kind of parameters to
my call back functions.  For example:

int i = 1456;
GTK_SIGNAL_FUNC(button1_callback), (gpointer) &i);
void button1_callback(GtkWidget *widget, gpointer
  g_print("i: %d\n", *((int *)data));

Quite simply, I expect to see g_print() print 1456 as
the value of i.  It does not.  Instead, it prints 4. 
Even more strange, if I double click on the button
(which is a checkbox button), it prints 5 instead.

This leads me to believe that what I'm getting via the
data parameter is something other than the address of
my i variable.  I tried passing the value of i instead
(removing the &), and changing to g_print("i: %d\n",
data); but this gave me another bizzare value instead.

I've had two experienced programmers (although not
experienced in GTK) look at this and both are stuck
for a solution.

Anyone have ideas?  I'm starting to think there's some
bug in my version of GTK.

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